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Do you deliver weddings orders long distance

Do you deliver weddings orders long distance

By admin February 18, 2013 No Comments

We deliver to the whole of the UK. If you order a tower, or wedding favours in the box of 3 or bags of 2 and 3, the macarons will be supplied in protective trays of 35, and the display items sent flat packed. You will need to place the macarons onto the tower and into bags and boxes when they are delivered.

Our top priority is that the macarons stay in excellent condition for your big day!

We have one option for favours that come ready-packed. These are boxes of two, that come with bubble packaging to keep two macarons safe during transit.

If you live within travelling distance of Edinburgh, you are more than welcome to collect and transport the macarons yourself.

We use Royal Mail Special Delivery for wedding deliveries. Please get in touch for more details.

Janice Dohnson

But not fine enough that you don’t have to sift it again. It’s a chore, but sifting the powdered sugar and nut mixture one last time will be worth the effort and ensure a smooth macaron shell.