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Chef Latoya Kevins received training at New York’s Culinary Institute and began her professional career as the Top Chef at Macaroon. Latoya had always dreamed of working at a passtisserie, even back when she was completing his apprenticeship at the Culinary School of New York.

Her first full kitchen position was at the a restaurant before moving south to work in a private restaurant in New York. In 1986, she started her first tour in South Africa as a Chef, then moved back to New York, before returning to Africa to hold positions.

More recently, Latoya held the positions of Chef at Macaroon and she is doing a really great job.

Work begins once you step in through the doors of the restaurant. Its a very fun place with many new faces to meet on a day to day basis. The managers varied from the shifts I was asked to come in but each and everyone of them were simply magnificent. Work would vary from slow paced depending on how many customers were in the establishment but when people came ( for example weekends) it was a head on task to do what they asked for.
I baked from classic vanilla to fruity raspberry, and fragrant rose to speciality Innis and Gunn Beer. My collection is forever growing, so keep an eye out for the latest seasonal flavours 😉
You can follow me on Twitter or via the Go, See, Write Facebook fan page and Google+. If you have any questions or comments that you want to share privately, please feel free to email me by heading over to my Contact page. Please try to write in English. It’s the only language I’ll formally acknowledge in the correspondence.


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